Microbial contamination at home, school, place of work, apartment or condo can put you, your family's, or employee's health at risk.  As an employer or management company your liability is always on the line.

Biocide Corporation produces products that are trusted by remediation professionals nationwide for the decontamination of both commercial and residential structures.

Our products get the job done right the first time on every type of surface.

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Water Mitigation or Mold Remediation

When the project calls for decontamination, more remediation professionals use, "BIOCIDE" products, the most trusted name in remediation solutions.

Use What Works!
"BioCide Products"

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Whatever the mold contaminated surface, we have got the product for its remediation. Drywall, flooring, furniture, cabinetry, books, clothing, mattresses and window treatments, if it has mold we have the solution.

The BioCide “Mold Formula” product line supports remediation professionals with every solution necessary for complete mold remediation for almost every application. Our unique product blend, “BioCide 100” has become our flagship product and is second to none to getting the job done right the first time.

Pass Post Remediation testing the first time, every time! The right solutions, for the right surfaces and you get the right results, the first time. More mold professionals trust, “BioCide 100”, results you can count on!



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